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JACKAMAN at 229 | Rock Gig 18 Photos JUNE EDITION

Lynne Jackaman is a phenomena.  So far in 2016 she has had a sell out show at the Borderline, been playlisted on every UK rock music station and several others stations besides. In a couple of cases she has been on the playlists with different songs for the whole year so far.  She is much loved by her fans and she is active on Social Media sharing her plans with fans and being incredibly available to them.   I predict that eventually she will not have time for this because this show at 229 for Time Out Rising Stars is more evidence that she has all the talent to go to the top level in music.

229 Time Out Rising Stars

Time Out Rising Stars is an evening curated by the brilliant Ray Jones.  A man who knows his music and books the most amazing talent for a night which is selling out this 600+ capacity venue each month when it takes place.  Ray knows who is coming from the industry and on this night the room was full by the time Jackaman hit the stage with fans and a very impressive industry contingent including many of the major starmakers of the last 20 years.

229 The Stage is Set

Ray Jones Introducing Jackaman

The Show

Jackaman had to follow a high energy performance by art rockers St Agnes which was very impressive but any thought that this would be difficult was blown away in the first song.  Lynne looked incredible on the high stage and both her and the band enjoyed the space that a larger venue gave them and used it to its full potential.

The set was shorter than usual because of 5 bands on the bill.  This allowed an intensity that was enough to power the national grid.  Each song was delivered with a blaze of commitment by Lynne and the band.  To say that those in the audience who had not seen her before were blown away would be an understatement.  It was quite clear that Jackaman are a band on the edge of greatness.

I have already covered the band and songs in a previous review so I won't dwell on detail in this review - just to say everything was louder, tighter, and more exciting than ever at this show.

It was a set full of energy culminating in an amazing pyrotechnic vocal performance which had the audience cheering and leaving the venue singing the song all the way to the tube station where I could still hear singing.

On my return home I spent the evening tweeting with several  old friends in the industry who were full of praise for what they had seen until 2a.m in the morning - such was the impression this gig had made on us all.

The only question now is what next ?

Jackaman promises an album will come out soon.  In the meantime you can see Jackaman at the Stone Free Festival on the Saturday 18 June at the O2 in the Indigo Venue which holds around 2000 at around 1p.m Get there early in order to get a space because it will be full.  It is fantastic venue.   She has one other Festival "Planet Rock Stock" booked for later in the year.  There is also a Bank Holiday interview on the Guy Bellamy Rock Show on Monday which may give more clues to future plans which can be found on the Tune In app on Merdian 107 FM.

Whilst we await more concrete news make sure you join the Facebook Fan Group for Jackaman where you can see photos and videos of t he shows, and if you are on Twitter you should follow Lynne for daily tweets sometimes featuring her cat !

As I said to the Guardian - This is the Lull Before the Storm........Jackaman are going to be huge !

Here are loads of photos from the 229 Show. I managed to get to the front for these !

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  1. Lynne Jackaman kicked it out of the park.
    Awesome gig, awesome set