Monday, 12 September 2016

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LONDON LIVE REVIEW grew out of the writings from THE LIST magazine and the many thousands who read the views of music writer Mark Richards.

His book HOW TO MAKE IT IN MUSIC was still at number 1 in the Amazon books on music in its second edition in January 2016 - despite being published in 2011.  One of the biggest selling music books of the 21st century.

Having played in both top classical and rock ensembles and having written a West End show and several well received musicals Mark Richards has strong views about art - he loves creativity and quality.  

Millions read and discuss his views.

This site is devoted to publishing some of his work and if you want to know more then subscribe to his TWITTER feed and subscribe when advertised to the print copy of the Review.

We will be publishing a full PROMS list of reviews and various MUSICALS in the next few weeks.  Plus we have the latest on the new seasons at all of London's Opera and Dance houses.

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